About us

Tradeforms (Scotland) Limited is a Glasgow based printing company. Along with his family, Tom Connell has been running the business since he started it in 1990. The total emphasis on great customer care and attention to detail is one that is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the organisation.

Tradeforms produce a unique patented system of anonymous exam marking. This product is called Infosafe and is now in use by over 50% of the universities in the UK, and also used in Ireland and France.

The system is more secure than previously used systems.
Among the benefits are that it is:

• Secure and Efficient

• Less expensive than the "conventional" system

• Easy to use

• Customisable

• Green Friendly 

• Award Winning

• Eliminates any possibility of bias

Our quotations for examination answer booklets, coursework or cover sheets also include:

  • Artwork amendments
  • Storage in our temperature controlled facilities
  • Call offs to suit you
  • Delivery to your location or specific requirements

We will be happy to provide you with samples for you to compare against your current method and will convert your current design to INFOSAFE. We will also produce a FREE fully customised print run of 300 "Infosafe" scripts for your organisation to trial.